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Job Search

Postby motti1977 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:34 pm

I will be moving to RBS Gimmel after Tisha B'Av and am looking for a job in the area.
Below you will find a little overview of myself.
Thank you

Driving license : YES (European and Israeli)

I am a serious, hard working and committed person, which is always happy and ready to learn more and new skills.
I have worker both part, full time and seasonal jobs, in Europe and Israel.
I have multiple work experiances such as Telesales person, Mail Man, Customer Service desk, Check-out, Kiosk worker, Sales Assistant, Shop Worker, health Care and Senior health care worker (both for the elderly and disabled), Cleaner, Maintenance Manager, Rabbinical Supervisor (Mashgiach), Gabbai to a Rebbe and Sales assistant.
I speak multiple languages, such as German , English, French and can hold conversations in those languages.
I am a people person, team worker and like work done properly and efficiantly.
I am married and father to 4 children, aged 2-6.
As a hobby I run a non-profit organisation in France, helping French Jews to prepare for their Aliyah.
As every Jewish parent, I do enjoy spending time with my family, on outings, walks, visits to Zoo, etc…
I am presently seeking a job that will allow me to use and further developpe my skills, with a posibility to progress in rank, within a company.
I am available to meet for Job interviews, should you wish to meet with me in person.
I am able to supply letters and references from previous employers on demand.

Re: Job Search

Postby » Mon May 30, 2016 4:38 pm

Dear Motti,

Are you still looking for a job?

If yes call 02 800 2020. Ask for Moshe Kriger or write

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