KSY Tisha B'Av Schedule, including Chofetz Chaim Video times

Also see the calendar for the different events happening in Beit Shemesh on Tisha B'Av

KSY Tisha B'Av Schedule, including Chofetz Chaim Video times

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Shabbos Mincha: 17:30
No afternoon shiur
Complete eating by Shkia: 19:44

Shabbos Ends: 20:23
Maariv (Motzei Shabbos): 20:40
Followed by a Shiur given by Rabbi Yudin and then Eicha

Shacharis: 08:00
Following Shacharis, Rabbi Yaacov Haber will lead an explanatory Kinos.
The Rav will explain the background and context of selected kinos with his
inimitable blend of history, Kaballah, Chasidus, Musar and Halachah.
*There will be a live video feed from www.ksy.org.il

Chatzos: 12:46
Mincha: 13:30

Chofetz Chaim Children's Video Presentations:
Boys: 14:30
Girls: 15:45
10nis donation per child

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Video Presentations:
"The Power to Yield: The Winning Way of Vatranus"
20nis donation for either or both Program

*Program A*: Starting approximately 17:00 (1.5hr running time)
~ Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Dayan Yonason Abraham and Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro

*Program B*: Starting approximately 18:30-18:40 (1.5hr approx running time,
we will show most of the program until Maariv)
~ Rabbi Eli Monsour, Rabbi Zacharia Wallerstein, Dr. D Lieberman

Maariv: 20:00
Fast Over: 20:11

The entire Tisha b'Av program and Kinnos is generously sponsored by Danny
Zucker l’iluy nishmas his mother, Esther Nechama bas Shmuel, who's yahrzeit
is on 10 Av.

Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun is a vibrant, family oriented shul under the
dynamic leadership of Rav Yaacov Haber
Please come and join us for davening, learning or one of the Rav's renowned
For more information or to spend a Shabbos with the Kehilla please contact
rosh at ksy.org.il
Located at Dolev 2/1, corner with HaYardein
Stay up to date at our new website www.ksy.org.il
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