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QuitCipg Vapes

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:01 pm
by Shimi2sips
RBS Aleph now has its very own Vape Shop. The road to quitting smoking begins here!

QuitCig Vapes focuses on beginner vapers. We carry a quality line of E-cig starter kits and premium E-liquid in many delicious flavors.

Starter kits begin as low as 120 Shekel plus E-Liquid. Feel free to visit our site and learn more...

Sunday - Thursday
6pm - 11pm

נחל קישון 19א, קומה 5, דירה 8ב

Call now to make an appointment 052-459-0320

Our mission at QuitCig is just that… get smokers to quit cigarettes… for themselves, for their family and for their loved ones. While vaping has proven to be tremendously effective at helping to quit smoking, how one goes about the transition can make all the difference. It is crucial that smokers be introduced to an alternative that they actually look forward to partaking in. Additionally, it is vital that when selecting their vaping gear, they are given plenty of time and guidance to make the optimal choice for them. Yes, different people tend to require different setups. At QuitCig, every beginner is given a free private introductory session to learn about vaping, test various devices and of course try many flavors of e-liquid. We then teach our clients exactly how to use and maintain their new gear. It is our belief that if one is properly introduced to this potentially life saving alternative, it can lead to a sustainable life changing choice.