Aliyah121 Private Assist. Services for Elderly/Aliyah

Aliyah121 Private Assist. Services for Elderly/Aliyah

Postby golden » Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:22 am

Aliyah121 offers assistance to older people and/or their families in
finding suitable housing, residential and institutional settings.

This is not simply a referral service, but offers advocacy and
accompaniment (sometimes door to door services) to see potential
residential settings, help navigating the system etc... supportive and
directive counseling.

Also available to other cases regarding assisting families or seniors
(wanting to make aliyah) or seniors already living in Israel.

Barbara Brown, BSW/MSW +972-54-676-3098
Diploma in Management of Homes for the Aged
Aliyah121, Private Assistance Services for the Elderly and their Families
Based in Israel
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