Museum Hamachtarot for EVERYONE

Museum Hamachtarot for EVERYONE

Postby golden » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:39 am

I was just at this museum recently and I found it fascinating. The
>> ministry of defense turned the old British prison into a museum. This is
>> the museum where they used to imprison our noble underground fighters
>> before the war of independence. Ironically, it is like an island in the
>> middle of Jerusalem. You will understand when you go.
>> They do NOT have scheduled English tours this week .ONLY HEBREW TOURS.
>> But if you are looking for something interesting for those "blase"
>> teenagers of yours, this might be the ticket.
>> You do not call up to reserve a ticket. They have tours at 10 am and 2
>> pm. They need a minimum of 10 people. I do not know if there is a
>> maximum.
>> The museum is right next to the JM iriya compound. You can get off the
>> train at the iriya, walk into the compound but stay to your left. Make a
>> left after the building that is going on. The building, presently, is
>> covered in blue sheeting. . Then make a right at the first sidewalk and
>> walk up the block. you have to ring the bell.
>> Or you can walk straight up from the new superpharm at shlomzion and
>> yafo, (they took over the old mizrachi tfachot building). Walk straight
>> up from there towards the russian compound, make the first right then the
>> first left, and you will then be on the block of the museum entrance.
>> They are not open on fridays.
>> Chag Sameach
>> Adina Rosenstein
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